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Description :

Based of a 3D environnement build by the MRSH, defined interactions with open dialog inputs such as :
"Buy a coffee, read a book, ask a menu, take a plane's picture, be at the restaurant at 1p.m., etc."

Features :

  • Unity's dialog boxes & click events
  • First person view (With mouse handling)
  • Simple interaction (Buy a coffee, souvenir or menu)
  • Footages interaction (Take a plane's picture)
  • Place interaction (Be at the amphitheatre at 2:00pm)
  • User's tools : Inventory, camera & clock

Team :

Groupe of 4 teammates.

Personal involvement :

  • First person view handling (Vector3, Quaternion)
  • "onClick" events (on defined 3D objects)
  • User's answers verification
  • Camera shot (Raycast)

Languages & tools :

  • Unity 3D
  • C#
  • UnityScript
  • XML