2014 - 2017

Full Stack Web developer at Mustinfo

Caen, France

In charge of the webapp's production based on Médimust's software
Involvement in the webapp's production based on Bourgelat's software

Interoperability's implementation with the business partner Doctolib
Interoperability's implementation with the business partner MonDocteur
Interaction's implementation with the MSSante

Creation of the software's main parts.
Research and experimentation of new features and webtools.
Optimisation process of server, client and database's activity.
Application du Code Reviewing, Refactoring et Profiling.
Graphic model's integration & backward compatibility.
Reverse engineering and use of existing resources.
Communications and technicals answers with business partners
Involvement in the technological choices and developement strategies

Symfony 2/3 & PHP 5 :
- Controllers, Views, Entities
- Listeners & services
- Forms & validation
- Dynamic database switch based on login or subdomain
- Setup asynchronous state for heavy PHP treatment
- Files generation .xml, .JSON et .PDF
- Fetching and reading .JPG, .PNG, .XLSX, .DOCX files

Doctrine & PostGreSQL :
- Entities generated thanks to the database scheme
- Doctrine's annotations (relation, cascade, etc.)
- Optimisation and lightering of server load using DQL queries

HTML 5 & CSS 3 :
- Bootstrap & Font Awesome
- HTML 5's forms
- Responsive design & media queries
- Storage API & IndexedDB
- Cache Manifest
- Data URI scheme
- SEO & Web referencing
- Graphic model's integration

Javascript & jQuery :
- Client side treatements & AJAX
- CKEditor 4
- Graph.js
- FullCalendar.js
- Dexie.js

Interoperability & security :
- API & Web services
- SOA architectures & RESTful services
- Token, Oauth, H-MAC authentification
- JSON, XML communication
- SOAP, SAML protocols & WSDL libraries
- SSL/TLS certificates

Bundle & outils :
- WKhtmltoPDF
- Swift Mailer
- Google Calendar API
- Composer & Maven

Work-study contract scheduled for 36 months

Apr. 2014

Trainee Web Developer at Mustinfo

Caen, France

First website's production of the medical software Médimust

Current's system analysis
Adaptation of web tools to PostGre database

Symfony's 2.5 main configuration
Forms and entities generation (Doctrine)
Import of FOSJsRoutingBundle - Ajax
Composer installation and configuration
Project and vendors update
Bootstrap & jQuery Mobile
Responsive Design & Media Queries
Data URI reconstruction

Login page - User choice
Homepage - Patients search
Patient file - Patient creation and modification
List and detail of consultation
List and detail of assessments
List and detail of mails

Period : 10 weeks.


2016 - 2017

M.Sc.2 Master of Science

(5-year degree in CS) - SupInfo Caen, France

English Language
Disaster Recovery Planning: Ensuring Business Continuity
BI Solutions
IT Law - IT Contract Law
Microsoft Azure Training for Infrastructure Services
Big Data Fundamentals
Emotional Intelligence: Achieving Leadership Success
COBIT® 5 Foundation Training
IT Management - IT Performance
Preparing for TOGAF Accreditation
Application Virtualization
Master Degree Dissertation
Full Time Internship (6 month)

2015 - 2016

M.Sc.1 Master of Science

(4-year degree in CS) - SupInfo Caen, France

English Language
Digital Entrepreneurship
Finance and Accounting
IT Law - Personal Data Protection
Agile Project Management with Scrum
Java EE - Entreprise Programming
Planning, Deploying and Managing Exchange Server 2013
.NET 4.5 Programming for Existing .NET Developers
ERP Solutions
Introduction to Cloud Computing Technologies Training
Business Intelligence fundamentals
Sharepoint 2013
VoIP Architectures - Study and Implementation
Deploying VMware vSphere
Final Project

2014 - 2015

B.Sc. Bachelor of Science

(3-year degree in CS) - SupInfo Caen, France

English Language
Oracle Database Administration
Labour Law
Microsoft Web Development and Windows Phone 8
Linux Technologies - Datacenter Solution
Objective-C and Cocoa Development
J2EE and Android Development
Microsoft Windows 2012 Active Directory
Artificial Intelligence - Functional Programming (LISP)
ITIL Fundations
IT Management 3 - Project Management
Web Technologies and mobility (HTML5, CSS3, JS)
Final Project

2012 - 2014

Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (D.U.T.) d'Informatique

(2-year degree in CS) - IUT de Caen, France

Programs, projects & 2D mini-game development (Java, C, Shell)
Web interface (PHP, JS, J2EE)
Database management (SQL, VBA)
3D development (Unity, C#, XML)
Servers implementation (Apache, MySQL, Oracle, Tomcat)
Methodologies (Qualité, IHM, Gestion projet, méthode Agile)
Frameworks (JUnit, Ant)
Modeling languages (UML, Merise)
Source code management (Github, TortoiseSVN)
TOEIC's score : 770

June 2012

Baccalauréat Général Scientifique

(A-Levels with honours in Science)

Mentions AB
Lycée Robert de Mortain, France