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maxime leprovost

My name is Maxime Leprovost.

I am french web developer living and working in Caen.

Currently on work-study contract, I work as a full stack web developer at Mustinfo, a software publisher company. I used to develop on Symfony 2 / Symfony 3, Javascript and HTML 5 technologies. I also coordinate several interoperabily projects with business partners through RESTful API.

I care about code quality, performance and optimisation.
I'm often working with other technologies like WebRTC, NodeJS, jQuery, Java and Unity3D. I'm also familiar with SEO, Git and project management.

I am preparing a masters degree, certified Level I, at SupInfo. Lessons are articulated around business operation, entrepreneurship and complex projects. This education is focused on professional training, business world and ended with master thesis.

You can take a look at my projects.